golden-retrieverWe offer 24-hour emergency and critical care on weekends, holidays and after 8 p.m., Monday through Friday. Our primary goal is to maintain a high quality, continuous care facility to treat pets that are critically ill or injured during times that your regular veterinary care is not available. We also provide treatment for accidents or ailments that may not be life threatening, but are of immediate concern to the pet owner. We will examine all patients presented in as short a time as possible and will see pets with the most critical conditions first.

Many area veterinary hospitals refer their emergency calls to us after 8 p.m. during the week, over the weekends and on major holidays. Referring you to our practice is the best way your veterinarian can ensure that your pet will receive the highest quality care by a team of knowledgeable, caring and committed professionals. We treat every patient as we would our own and we strive to treat every client as we would like to be treated ourselves…with compassion, care and understanding.


While appointments are not necessary to see a doctor for emergency service, we encourage phone calls to the hospital so that we can be as prepared as possible to handle your emergency.  To reach our emergency service you can call the regular hospital phone number (856) 234-7626.


An emergency fee is charged to all clients. The costs of any additional testing and treatment cannot be fully determined prior to examination. Once an emergency doctor has examined your pet, you will be informed about your pet’s treatment options, plans and estimated costs. Please share your questions and concerns regarding costs with your doctor or technician before treatment starts. It’s important that our emergency medical team clearly understands your wishes before any course of treatment is undertaken.


Full payment for your visit is due when your pet is discharged. Cash, debit cards, Visa®, MasterCard®, America Express®, Discover®, CareCredit® and personal checks (when the name and address match a current driver’s license, and is approved through a check verification service) are all acceptable methods of payment. Upon release of the patient, you will be given an itemized receipt and full medical record.

Follow-up Care

Your regular veterinarian will receive a faxed copy of your pet’s medical chart. All stable patients needing continued care are transferred back to the referring veterinarian during regular business hours with accompanying medical records and diagnostics. Exceptions include unstable patients, or those referred for specialty services. All clients are expected to return to their regular veterinarian for any follow-up treatment.