Horses are the most unique and brilliant animals and some people really like to have them as a pet in order to pursue outdoor activities. It is necessary to know the benefits of having horses as a pet before you are buying a horse as a pet. There are many advantages are having to keep horses as your pet. It will be useful for exploring nature with the help of a horse. Horse riding is one of the best methods to stay healthy and fit in the outdoors. So people like to have a horse as a pet to achieve their outdoor fun and enjoyment.

Horses can be a social animal as well. Since it helps to establish a relationship and build a friendship with people. Horse riding helps to connect with friends and can be heading to horse riding competitions. In most places, there are many horse riding clubs and stables are available where many people gather and make friendships. If you are in an active community of people, you can get many tips and advice for keeping horses. Horses are actually very easy to take care of if you know everything about it. Keeping them healthy and grooming it well is the most important thing.

Grooming kit to clean your horse

How to Clean a Horse?

It is important to keep your house very clean and neat particularly before go it for horse riding. And cleaning your house really makes you feel good if you actually love your horse and it creates a good bonding between the horse and the horse owner. Grooming horses regularly makes it to prevent from all kind of health issues as well. If you don’t clean or groom your horse regularly, then it may cause some serious issues on horse skin and it may lead to skin allergies or any kind of skin issue.  If you want to groom your horse, a good grooming kit with all the essential things is needed for sure. The most essential things in your grooming kit are mentioned here

  • Rubber curry comb,
  • a metal curry comb,
  • a hoof pick,
  • a stiff brush,
  • a soft brush,
  • a tail brush,
  • a dandy brush,
  • a grooming lag or terry cloth
  • a comb or mane brush
  • a sweat or water scrapper
  • fly spray
  • electric clippers or scissors
  • a horse shampoo and conditioner
  • sponge or a wet rag
  • hoof oil and brush
  • bot knife
  • a plastic bucket or a container with a lid

Basic steps to groom/clean your horse

How to Clean a Horse?

  • Initially, set your horse to a good mood, mostly it won’t be supportive and not calm and co-operative as well, but you should have the patience to make it stand with some good mood at least until you finish off the cleaning process. Make sure to know how to approach a horse and how to handle it if it is not co-operative.
  • The grooming kit for your horse should be very clean. It is very easier to use the hoof pick and clean all the four hooves in the hoof pick. The hoof pick is used to clear the rocks, mud, sand, snow and any other dirt from horse’s hooves. Then you can use a comb particularly rubber curry comb to remove and clean the loose hair and clods of dirt by using it in a circular motion. Then the curry comb helps to remove the dirt on the surface of the skin coat, and then you can use the body brush to clean the dirt away from the coat. During strokes, you can clean the body brush by using a curry comb.
  • For horse grooming, there are different types, designs and styles of brushes are used, and each and every brush has its own purpose and it is important to use the brushes according to the grooming tasks. The Stiff or hard brush is used to clear all the loosened dust, dirt and horsehair, and also it is used on the legs to make it soft and it will not cause any discomfort while walking or running. By using sponge or brush, clean your horse head, a small body brush or a simple and clean sponge is enough to wipe off the dirt from the head of the horse.
  • Mane and a tail

  • The next cleaning part is mane and a tail and the cleaning is based on how much dust the horse is having and you can use the tool to clean that according to the level. And a soft brush is used as a final tool and it is the best horse brush. It is generally used to remove all the leftover dust from the horse head and its complete body as well. Because the horse has a very sensitive head, it needs to clean with a soft brush to avoid any scratches or injuries occur while cleaning out. And the soft brush is made from a soft natural fiber which doesn’t cause any hard feeling to the horse.
  • If your horse is still looking dull or ugly, you can wipe off or clean them with a sponge or a wet rag by spraying fly spray on it. And the horse nose can be cleaned with a wet rag which is dipped in a little amount of water. Also you can follow the same for its eyes, gently wipe over the eye by holding the damp rug by using your hand. Then you can clean its ears with the same process as for eyes and nose.
  • To clean the horse tail hair, keep your fingers between the hair to separate and smoothen it. If your hand is not comfortable with doing this, you can use a mane comb brush. Make sure the horse tail hair should not break and freaky. After that cleaning, the tail hair with the best horse brush makes it smoother and softer. Always keep in mind that a clean horse is always a healthy horse. In addition to cleaning, it is important to take care of its health and providing healthy and needed foods.