Let’s just be honest here: most cats do not appreciate anything about the veterinary clinic experience. Even so, seeing the veterinarian on a regular basis is integral to your pet’s overall health and well-being, and there are ways to make the experience more enjoyable for you and your cat. Here are a few tips:

Cat Vet Viist San JoseAcclimate Your Cat to the Experience

From getting in the pet carrier to riding in a car to waiting for the veterinarian, you can expect a great deal of protest from your cat. This is especially true if the only time your pet ever goes through these motions is when he or she is about to get poked, prodded, and inspected by some unfamiliar person.

To ease the unrest, try going through the motions when you aren’t headed to the pet clinic. Offer the pet carrier as a place to sleep, rest, or play, and give treats for entering it. Take your cat for brief rides around the neighborhood just to get accustomed to the experience of the car. Go for a pop-in visit at the vet when no examination is in order to allow your cat to see that the pet clinic isn’t such a terrible place after all. If you can put your cat at ease with the process, it will be much more likely to go calmly the next time you do have an appointment.

Create a Calm, Peaceful Routine

Your cat can sense when you’re on edge and will respond accordingly. If you dread the experience of going to the vet, your cat is going to read into that and react. Come up with a soothing routine on pet clinic days that includes a lot of loving, cuddling, and calm talking. Things will go easier for the both of you if you are both calm and relaxed.

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