Healthy skin is important for the overall health of your dog. A number of things, from flea bites to allergies, can lead to skin problems for your canine. When you see the telltale signs of a skin issue, such as excessive itching and biting or red skin, it’s important to alert your vet near San Jose right away. Here are some of the most common causes of skin problems in dogs.


Flea Bites

Fleas can be incredibly irritating to dogs, thanks to both bites and droppings. Some dogs experience even more intense problems from bites because they have an allergic response to the fleas’ saliva. Unfortunately, flea treatment products can also trigger skin responses in some dogs, including redness and irritation. If you suspect that your dog has fleas or that his or her flea medication is causing issues, see your vet. The vet can recommend the proper treatments to get your dog relief.


Dogs can suffer from many of the same allergies that people can, and these allergies can cause skin symptoms. Your dog may experience seasonal allergies from pollen, weed, and grasses, or he or she may suffer from food allergies to things like beef, soy, corn, or fillers in dog food. If you dog breaks out in a rash or starts itching excessively, consider what he or she has been exposed to and if there seems to be any link to when symptoms appeared.

Stress and Boredom

Your dog may create his or her own skin problem with excessive licking. Dogs tend to lick when they don’t get enough activity, are left alone for long periods, or feel stressed. Your dog is most likely to lick his or her legs under these circumstances, but can choose any part of the body. Increasing your dog’s activity may resolve this problem, or your vet can help with anxiety issues.