Puppy Socials

Puppy socials are designed to help you and your family receive basic guidance on puppy challenges you are having without making a commitment to the 6-week puppy kindergarten class. Ask the behavioral medicine team about house training, chewing, mouthing, jumping or other behaviors that you need help with an​d give your new canine family member the chance to play and interact with other dogs and unfamiliar people. Come to a single session or come to each session until your puppy reaches 22 weeks of age. Puppy socials will give you and your new puppy the tools to have a long, successful relationship.

This is a half-hour play and socialization session with the behavioral medicine team, including board-certified veterinary behaviorist Shana Gilbert-Gregory and technicians Carol Creamer and Jeanie Tomasseli (both certified trainers), is designed to set your new puppy up for success as an adult. The behavioral medicine team will review how to socialize your puppy safely and effectively to new people, animals, and the environment. Socialization is critical to ensure your puppy grows up to be a confident, well-acclimated adult. Dr. Gilbert-Gregory, Carol and Jeanie will answer your questions about puppy behaviors and help facilitate positive interactions between your puppy and the other puppies and puppy parents attending class.

If you are not a client of Mount Laurel Animal Hospital, please have your primary veterinarian complete THIS FORM prior to registering for a class or package and return to [email protected]